Grant Process

How to Apply

Who Can Apply?

Grants are made to institutions and organizations with special consideration given to requests from Southeastern United States that qualify under the regulations of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as tax exempt 501(C)3 and operated exclusively for charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes.

Grants are not made to private foundations or private operating foundations as defined by the IRS. Requests for general operating expenses are rarely awarded. Preference is given to specific, well-defined projects whose results can be evaluated. Contributions to periodic campaigns for funds by national or community organizations and to capital campaigns are a very low priority and rarely awarded.

Additionaly, the following guidelines should be considered before applying for a grant:
◾ Grants are not made to individuals.
◾ Grants are primarily made to organizations in the Southeastern United States. Other requests will be considered based on their merit.

Required Information on Applications

Applicants must include the following information:
◾ Description of the organization that includes its purpose, programs, and history.
◾ Current operating budget, most recent financial statement, and financial statements for the past three years.
◾ Names and affiliations of the organization's trustees, directors, advisers, and principal staff.
◾ Brief biographical background of the person who will conduct or supervise the project or program.
◾ Cover letter on letterhead from an official of the organization stating that the organization has formally approved the proposal.
◾ Copy of IRS forms showing the organization has tax-exempt status under 501(c)3 and is NOT a private foundation as defined in Section 509(a) of the IRS code.

Submission Guidelines

The foundation does not require proposals to follow a specific format, but each applying organization is expected to include the following:
◾ Concise, one-page description of the project or activity, including specific purposes for which the grant is requested, the needs that will be met, and the anticipated results.
◾ Specific amount of grant request.
◾ Detailed financial plan that includes: total cost, plans for procuring additional funding, if required, other potential sources of funding, provisions for contingencies, and project sustainability.
◾ Qualifications of the project personnel and a statement from the chief administrator of the organization indicating approval of the request and assurance that the grant will be spent within one year (12 months) of its receipt.
◾ Schedule for project and provision contingencies.
◾ Appropriate plans for evaluating and sustaining the overall project.
◾ Specific evaluation plans for the grant project.
◾ Copies of IRS forms certifying that the organization is exempt from federal tax payment under 501(C)3 and is NOT classified as a private foundation or private operating foundation as defined by Section 509(a) of the IRS Code.

Review of Applications

Applications can be submitted at any time. The review committee meets twice a year to evaluate grant requests. Deadlines for submissions are 45 days before December 1 for the December fundings, or 45 days before June 1 for the June fundings.

Applicants will be notified of the decision of the committee in writing via the US postal service and or electronic mail.

The volume of applications and the subjective considerations involved precludes the foundation from providing critiques of unsuccessful applications. The foundation discourages these inquiries as they cannot be answered. Rejection of a proposal is not necessarily a rejection of its purpose and applicants should not be discouraged from resubmitting requests.


Recipients of grants are expected to report to The Morningstar Foundation NO LATER than one (1) year after payment of the grant. The report should indicate how the funds were used, the impact on the program, and the current status of the project.
◾ Failure to provide a report may disqualify future applications and awards.
◾ Approved applications will be provided funds as stated in the awards letter.